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It's not just about manufacturing, it's about creating solutions.

At Backwell IXL we believe our commitment, innovation and expertise will ensure you get the right advice and guidance
in all steps of the manufacturing process.

Our design expertise and our client focussed approach will ensure we deliver
the right solution in a professional and practical way.

The results our clients demand ensure our commitment to quality.

Backwell IXL have a strong Quality Accreditation Pedigree (FORD Q1, ISO 14001, ISO TS 16949).

We deliver extensive metal stamping and fabrication capabilities, including assembly and precision roll forming. Our strong engineering, R&D capability and innovative attitude sets up as an innovative can do organization that is adaptive and flexible.


Our integrated design and assembly solutions allow for design product testing through to manufacture.
Through this process, design changes are automatically propagated to machining operations.

With this complete development solution, our manufacturing engineers can work with part models, creating and assembling fixtures
and the development of tool paths, modelling parts for 3D machining and simulation.
Our unique process implementation provides the design engineering focus to ensure we get the best possible result for our customers.


At IXL Manufacturing we believe in a collaborative approach in regards to technical support.
Our team of professionals will work with you, offering the support you need to ensure your project is delivered on time and on budget.

We are committed to delivering success to our clients. An innovative approach and solutions based methodology relies on a focused technical team with the experience and right approach to ensure the right solution for every project.


At Backwell IXL we are focused on a holistic, solutions based approach to Project Management.
We do our best to achieve successful outcomes for our clients and their individual projects.

From project review to design, detailed planning and estimation, manufacturing, quality control and shipment,
our project management team will ensure all aspects of the project are managed under strict quality guidelines.

A committed team will ensure our clients' projects are rigorously managed to ensure optimum delivery.
Our project management team is there to support you to ensure all individual client requirements are met
and the highest quality outcomes are delivered.


Our core value to quality management is underpinned by a true commitment from all our quality management team. We have invested in a strong management team armed with the knowledge and the precision inspection equipment to ensure we provide our customers with the very best quality service delivery in the shortest amount of time.

Our quality team and design departments combine to check and quantify our quality management principles through a stringent and detailed in process inspection system on all manufacture parts. Our quality specialists follow each project from start to delivery,
ensuring the highest quality result on all projects large or small.

To be competitive and remain sustainable, we recognise that our products and services must meet customer expectations and comply with relevant national and international regulations concerning such products and services.
For this purpose, we shall aim to achieve, maintain and continually improve customer satisfaction and the quality of our products
and services while conforming to applicable statutory regulations.

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Specifications are available on request.
If you would like to view the Backwell IXL Manufacturing or have any technical enquiries we are here to help.