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IXL now offers a state of the art laser cutting capability with a new high tech LVD Orion laser cutter. IXL Laser can work with you to meet your needs in laser cutting requirements. IXL Laser has a new 110 ton 3 meter LVD bender which offers precision bending capacity. We also have MIG and TIG welding value add services for your laser cut or bending projects. Your unique bending requirements can be met with relatively small investment should we not be able to meet them with standard bending tooling.


  • Precision & high quality
  • Dimensional accuracy and repeat-ability
  • Technically superior to other cutting processes
  • No tooling costs
  • Nesting of parts to reduce material wastage and improve yield
  • Flexibility to program and cut complex profiles
  • Minimal heat affected zone

IXL is an Australia owned and has been based in the Geelong area for over 150 years.

At IXL our integrated design and assembly solution allows for product design, prototyping, tooling, testing to lean manufacturing principles. Our process implementation provides the design engineering focus to ensure we get the best possible result for our customers and their projects.

The company's manufacturing capabilities include metal stamping, metal finishes, roll forming, laser cutting, turret punching, CNC bending, welding, painting and assembly.

IXL supplies to a range of customers in Australia and overseas, including automotive, mining and smelting operations, architectural, building industry, heating and cooling industries, electrical supply utilities and appliances.

For laser cutting enquiries, please call 03 5225 2222 / 2286 or email laser@ixl.com.au